We are sad to announce that we are having to remove ourselves from the munchkin breeding program we built. We lost our male & it will be a long road to building it back up. If we can get back in, I will announce it here.

Biewer Females

Cricket is such a happy-go-lucky type of girl who loves to be on our lap. She takes a bit to be sure she likes new people but that only lasts about 2 minutes.

She is German lines & we look forward to future litters in 2020


Nelli is more on the reserve side of the spectrum. She also just wants to sit on our laps but is also our little doorbell & alarm. She takes longer than Cricket to trust you but once she does, good luck keeping her off your lap. 

She is Russian lines & we look forward to future litters in 2020.

Biewer Male
Mr. Ziggy.jpg

Ziggy is our little love bug! He wants to sit on our chest or laps all the time. However he also likes his independence & will chase the girls in a game of tag anytime of the day.  He is known for sticking out his tongue when he is happy, it is a cute quality he has.


Below is a gallery of pictures of our family pets, in our home. We try to not be in the pictures with them since we know you really want to see how they look but sometimes they are just too cute & we have to snap a photo.


We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoy having them in our homes.

Christmas Ready!
Ziggy & Cricket
Who is at the door?
Ziggy's is always so spoiled
See! Spoiled Ziggy!
Nosey Nelli
Nosey Cricket
Happy to See You
Naughty Boy
Ziggy - tongue out!
A bed full of Biewers